What Is A Digital Card, And How Does It Work?

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Buying online is a very convenient and fast way to acquire what you need. However, doing so can expose you to electronic fraud where they can steal your credit or debit card numbers, passwords, and personal information.

Similarly, when you make a payment at an establishment, your data can be recovered to make subsequent purchases without authorization. When this happens, you must block and renew your cards and bank information.

What Are Digital Cards?

A digital card is the electronic version of a physical card, which has a different number to protect your information and prevent fraud, information theft, or cloning.

How Do Digital Cards Work?

When you make an online purchase, and your card information is requested, enter your digital card number, as well as its expiration date. Then click “View CVV” to see the dynamic security code and open it to finalize your purchase.

If you have the Android system, don’t forget to activate the mobile payment. To do this, open your BBVA Wallet application, go to the “Cards” section, select the digital card you want to use and activate the mobile payment.

Proper management of your finances starts with security. When shopping online, do not share personal or bank details in social network chats, forums, or emails. It is also recommended that you can verify the authenticity of the Internet pages and the payment platforms you use.

Use your credit or debit card only in established and reliable places. If you are suspicious of a site, you better pay with cash. In addition, always check your vanilla visa gift card balance when making use of them and keep the card in sight at all times. Finally, in the case of withdrawing money from an ATM, do it with great caution.