What is a protector ramp?

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Cable protector ramp are used when an operation has a piece of pipe, cable, or other “on-road items” that cannot be moved and must be protected from damage. The guard ramp is placed over the pipe or hose, allowing handcarts, wheelbarrows, and traffic similar to moving through space without damaging the pipe or hose. The protective ramp prevents any weight or impact on the pipe or hose, which is very useful. It is important to keep in mind that these units are made for specific weight percentages. Please do not assume that you can drive vehicles such as cars or forklifts unless they are specifically evaluated for large weight.

Aluminum ramps – the access path on foot

The aluminum foot ramp is an economical alternative to the fiberglass ramp used for the same purpose – to use people and handcarts to unload or load trucks. Because the aluminum ramp is rated for much less weight than the fiberglass model, it is not suitable for most of the material handling equipment.

Trafficking of human beings and non-motorized movement equipment of these cable ramps are very good, but remember to check the weight reasons of your load before trying to wheel on the aluminum ramp. If your load is heavier than 2,000 pounds, it is too heavy for the ramp to the most robust aluminum. If you usually load or unload the heavier load of 2,000 pounds, it is best to use the fiberglass model for your operation.

Why invest in the non-slip surface for ramps

Ask any provider, and you will find out that more than 13 million people suffer from slip and fall injuries related to each year. Ramp operations are particularly responsible for such injuries because loading and unloading must happen regardless of weather conditions. Rain, ice, sleet, and snow can make ramps not suitable for pedestrian traffic unless non-slip surfaces are installed to help improve traction in wet conditions. Rubber, non-slip surfaces are manufactured specifically for these track surfaces, and in some cases, the surface has been good for more than ten years.