Why Good Food Is Essential To A Productive Business Lunch

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The competition in most industries today is tough and only the best of the best can make it big. With the demand for higher productivity comes a long list of deadlines that usually means sacrificing lunch breaks. As a way to compensate for the lack of time at the office without intruding over an employee’s break time, business lunch meetings have become a common practice.

catering northern Virginia companies are called to prepare filling, delicious, and healthy meals that are fit for eating during a business lunch. These lunches can either come boxed or served as a buffet-style, depending on the needs of the company. No matter how the company prefers to serve lunch, one thing is clear: good food is essential.

Why? Here are some reasons why serving good lunch food is a must to boost productivity during these meetings:

Reason #1: Incentive To Participate

Treating employees, even partners and clients to free lunch while in a meeting is always seen as a good incentive. This makes people feel like their needs aren’t being ignored in favor of a meeting at the office. As long as the food being served is good, people will gladly attend and even participate willingly.

Reason #2: Hit Two Birds With One Stone

The point of a lunch meeting is to conduct business during a time where people are usually on break. With a catering Northern Virginia company preparing an excellent menu, workers don’t have to worry about grabbing lunch or missing their break. Instead, they can stay focused on the task or tasks at hand while also nourishing their body.

Reason #3: Boost Energy And Brain Activity

It is proven that productivity in offices tends to dip right after lunch. This is because employees who step out to eat lunch feel tired when they return from their break. The lag in productivity can last until the end of the day which will greatly affect the company’s profitability. However, good food served during meetings means there is no need to leave the office and waste energy which results in more active and productive employees.

Reason #4: Impress Clients And Partners

If the goal of a catered lunch meeting is to impress potential clients and partners, it is a must to invest in high-quality food. When possible, do your own research and serve food that your guests love to impress them even more. Offering a wide spread for lunch that consists of all of their favorites will surely earn you a good reputation and possibly seal any deals in the making.

Reason #5: A Break From Vending Machine And Fast Food

Employees that are in a hurry to meet deadlines will often opt to eat food from the vending machine or order fast food because it is the cheaper and faster alternative. Since these options are full of junk and additives, workers will develop unhealthy eating habits that can affect their productivity and health.

Good and healthy food at the office is a great way to encourage better eating habits that will have a positive impact on everyone’s future.

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