Why is Geometry Important in Real Life?

Why is geometry important in everyday life? – Education – Tech ...

In Maths, we have learned about different concepts. The branches of mathematics are arithmetic, geometry, algebra, number theory. Among which geometry is one of the most important concepts in academic life and in real life. Because of geometry we are able to know and understand the different shapes we see in our day-to-day life. 

In Geometry, there are usually two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures. This part of geometry, where we learn about different shapes is also called Euclidean geometry. The definition of a few geometrical shapes are given below:

  • Circle: The set of points at equal distance from a fixed point, called center, is called a circle and the distance from center to the boundary of the circle is called the radius.
  • Polygon: A closed figure made up of sides and angles. The point where the two sides meet is called the vertex. 
  • Triangle: A triangle is a three-sided polygon.
  • Square: A square is a four-sided polygon where all the sides are equal and all the angles are at 90 degrees.
  • Rectangle: A rectangle is also a four-sided polygon which has only its parallel sides equal and all the angles are equal to 90 degrees.
  • Cube: A cube is a three-dimensional figure having six square-shaped faces, eight vertices and twelve edges. For example, a Rubik’s cube.
  • Cuboid: A cuboid is also a three-dimensional figure having six rectangular-faces, eight vertices and twelve edges. 

Geometry is a classical branch of mathematics. The word geometry is a combination of two Greek words ‘Geo’ means Earth and ‘metron’ means measurement. The geometrical shapes are known for their properties such as their sides, curves, angles, volumes, areas, lengths of sides, etc. These properties are the major characteristics of practical geometry. These properties define different shapes in Maths, such as square, circle, rectangle, cube, cuboid, etc. 

Geometry has huge applications in the field of construction and architecture. In constructing a building, the type of materials used are based on the pattern or blueprint of the building. Geometry is used by the engineers and architects to evaluate the area of a given plot and measure the dimensions of walls.

In space study, geometry is used widely. The planets, stars and other celestial bodies in space hold a shape. For example, our earth and other planets are spherical in shape. And these planets revolve around the sun forming an orbit which is oval in shape. The measurement of the radius of these planets is possible because of geometry. Astronomy is highly dependent on geometrical concepts.

The development of video games is also based on geometrical tools. Each game is designed by the designers using different shapes. Even animation films are based on geometric concepts. 

The field engineer, make use of geometrical instruments for mapping and surveying the lands where they have to build. To measure the area and distance easily they use these tool. The application of geometry can also be seen on the world map or any country’s map. 

Also, the CT scan machine and MRI machine used in hospitals are the application of geometry. So, almost in all the fields, geometry has a good deal of significance.