How To Purchase The Right Travel Insurance Plan?

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We often throw the caution away and expect everything to go as planned while travelling. However, countless things can happen during the trips such as health emergencies, cancellation of flight, loss of baggage and more. These are the situations where travel insurance will come in handy. But the problem is there are so many aspects to consider that many travelers just let the travel insurance go or choose whatever travel company provides as an option while booking the tour. To ensure you have proper cover while travelling, it is essential you know how to purchase the right travel insurance plan.

Here are some essential tips that you should follow:

  • First of all, keep in mind that travel insurance is not something you should wait until the last second to buy. You must do proper research about the plans available and familiarize yourself with the terminology etc. so that you can pick a policy with the best coverage. For example, if you travel a lot, opt for multi-trip insurance, if you are a senior citizen, there are special plans, if you are travelling to Schengen there are area-specific offers as well. If you are travelling domestic, plans will slightly different. Please note that you should check the policies of the plan yourself, and if you are buying it offline, do not rely on the information provided by the agent completely.
  • When you are short listing policies, make sure that you compare the benefits provided by the insurance companies. There are aggregator websites that can help you in comparing different companies and plans in one place. These websites offer quotes as well depending on your requirement. If you have any queries, you can either contact the customer support of aggregator websites or the insurance company’s customer care directly.
  • Understandably, price is one of the major concerns while planning a trip. However, it should not be the top factor to consider while choosing the right Travel Insurance Policy. While selecting the right policy for your next trip, make sure to consider:
  • One of the major factors is if the policy covers medical emergencies or not as it is a real possibility. For example, a simple dental emergency surgery in the US may cost you somewhere close to Rs.80,000. For this reason, you must compare this aspect properly.
  • Make sure that the policy covers the loss of baggage which is one of the significant problems while travelling. From electronics to jewelry and from travel documents to other valuables, travel insurance provides immunity against almost everything that you have declared while buying the insurance plan.
  • There is always a chance where you have to cancel your trip at the last minute because of some emergency. Most of the time flight tickets and hotel bookings are non-refundable. This is where travel insurance can help you. Based on the policy you have bought, you can claim reimbursement for the money you have paid. Travel insurance plans also cover flight delays and any cost that occurs because of that, such as hotel bookings.
  • Every insurance plan comes with a list of things that it does not cover. It is essential to go through them, and if you find anything that is missing, either choose another plan or go for an add-on or rider.
  • Once you have shortlisted the plan of your choice, make sure to check how you can file a claim. The process is though simple, and it requires limited documentation. Still, apart from the basic procedure, every company has its own set of rules that you should make yourself familiar with.
  • There is always a chance of cutting the trip short or not filing any claim. In that case, a lot of plans have an option of partial refund or discount offer for future purchases. Please check the documentation and learn about such offers.

The right plan can help you get the right cover

There are several factors that you need to consider while choosing the right travel insurance plan for you that includes location, itinerary, medical cover, baggage cover, emergency evacuation, flight delay, cancellation of trip or flight, number of people going on the trip, individual or group cover, refund policy, customer services and more.

By factoring all these points along with your budget, you can choose the best possible insurance plan that will provide cover for every possible unforeseen circumstance while you are on the trip. There are options for both domestic and international tours. Also, if you are a frequent traveler, there is an option to choose a multi-trip insurance plan which will save some money.

Make sure to declare your items in your baggage at the time of purchasing the plan and keep the contact details of the insurer handy while you are on the trip.