What an interior designer does?

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Did you know that every environment (a living room, a bedroom, an office or even the interior of automobiles) can be better used? This is related to what an interior designer does: making spaces more profitable than they are. With the help of Home design software, the interior designer gets the 3D images that help making the project affordable and beautiful. If you like architecture or live watching decoration tutorials, this post is perfect for you. Below, we tell in detail what the interior designer does and show the main details about this profession.

What does an interior designer do?

The interior designer plans and designs the most different internal residential, commercial and institutional spaces, distributing the elements thinking about the aesthetics, comfort, health and safety of the users, also the functionality of the place. These elements include pieces of furniture, decorative objects and even colors of the walls and floor covering.

When talking about what an interior designer does, one must understand that the work is comprehensive. This professional cannot just place the pieces inside a space so that they fit. He needs to think about the personal tastes of those who frequent that place, besides considering the harmony between the objects. It should also optimize space, especially in more modern buildings, which tend to be smaller. Foyr Neo is one of the best 3D home design tool that interior designers use.

The responsibility of the designer

According to the law that regulates what an interior designer does, the main activities performed by this professional are –

  • Study, planning and design of internal environments, following the objectives and needs of the client or user and optimizing to generate comfort, aesthetics, safety and health according to the technical norms of the industry,
  • Planning permanent or temporary external environments, meeting the legal requirements and regulations for fire safety, environment and health,
  • Precise selection and indication of colors, coatings and finishes that will be used,
  • Creation, design and design of furniture and other decorative and ambience objects,
  • Provision of technical consultancy in Interior Design.

What are the desirable characteristics for the interior designer?

What makes an interior designer a good professional is the attention to detail and the conversation with the client. Although he knows what the trends in interior design are, he must respect the style of his clients. In fact, one of the great challenges of the designer is to align his knowledge with the client’s expectations. Therefore, it is important that he develops the following characteristics –

  • Analytical look to detect problems in the space to be worked,
  • Creativity to find solutions that meet the client’s desire without affecting the budget and the work to be developed by the designer and suppliers,
  • Activity to keep in touch with different forms of arts to find references, inspirations and develop creativity,
  • Versatility to easily adapt to changes and challenges that arise in projects,
  • Interpersonal relationship to be in tune with the other professionals involved in the project,
  • As a designer, architect, landscaper and civil engineer must work together to obtain a harmonious result.